Web Design services, email marketing, + course creation for DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS

Hello and welcome! I help bloggers, aspiring digital course creators, and savvy entrepreneurs create strategic websites, online courses, and email marketing strategies that make the competition green with envy and your customers scrambling to sign up!

If you are ready to stop the endless late night googling and FINALLY make your vision a reality then keep reading.

I handle the tech so you can focus on BUILDING your business!


no more headaches,

no more hassle,

no more tech to learn,

no more creeping gray hairs,

 just do what you do best and let me TRANSFORM your dream into reality. 

As a fellow entrepreneur I know how to blend the latest tech with clever strategy.

We'll work together to create something spectacular!

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are we meant to be?

I'm your secret weapon, your super coach, your secret sauce that makes you wish you found me ages ago...

(insert that song, Happy Together, as we dance into the sunset)

There's no reason to suffer with endless tutorials, late nights Googling, or crying into your pillow. 

I specialize in creating beautiful yet strategic websites, stunning courses, and savvy email campaigns so you can showcase your absolute best.

With my background in business I approach online business from a strategic (you're going to see that word a lot) business savvy perspective.

This is about showcasing your talents so you can serve your audience with integrity AND sell your offers like grandma's spicy fried chicken and the rockin' summer fair!

I'm an ENTREPRENEUR whisperer

You need it done and you need it done as pain free as possible while staying true to your vision, on deadline, and without having to dump dollars into the swear jar, does that sound about right?

Yep, I thought so!

I understand bloggers and entrepreneurs because I am one. I also happen to be a good human being and "good egg" (these days that's getting harder to find). 

My job is to make launching your website, course, or email campaign as painless as possible so you can get back to building your online empire! (insert evil mu-ha-ha laugh)

I offer you ninja level communication

Ever have that experience where crickets and tiny violins are mercilessly reminding you that your [insert hired help] has gone rouge?

Me too! Lucky for you I'm a black belt communication ninja. (Is that a thing? It should be!)

No more wondering what's happening with your project.

No stressing about whether things are okay or if your money is being smuggled across the border.

I'm old school (shhhh don't tell my fellow millennials).

That means integrity is king and communication is prom queen!

And THAT is my secret sauce to creating something spectacular!

(Takes bow for realizing people just want to be treated right.)

But seriously, my job is to translate your vision into something beautiful and strategic. We work together and I lay out the game plan so you know where in the process we are and encourage sincere communication so this experience empowers you (instead of deepening those frown lines)

Now that you read that epic copy... 

and can obviously see how dedicated I am to helping your business grow

(and get those cute cards from you at Christmas because now we're besties)....

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Hi I'm  Maya!

I'm a web designer, blogger, course creator, and good egg. 

I'm here to help you create a website and business strategy that makes your fans swoon and your competitors wishing they had your secret sauce!

With a background in corporate business (don't hate me) and eventually owning a successful restaurant before deciding to take over the internets, I understand small business from EVERY angle.

I also understand how hard it is to juggle all your responsibilities. You need to get the job done as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

If you are ready for smart strategy and crystal clear communication with an easy to get along with style click here to see your new secret weapon, err I mean services.


Just imagine in a few months...


  • check
    No more spending endless nights learning all the tech, sending support messages, and freaking out...now you get to focus on creating your amazing offer while all your tech is handles by someone who "get's it". 
  • Feeling like a rockstar because you have someone with experience dedicated to YOU.
  • No more home page envy because now your website is beautiful, easy to navigate, and makes you look oh so professional. 
  • check
    Showing off your sales page because not only are the graphics gorgeous, the copy is delicious, but best of all you are making SALES...all while helping others!
  • check
    No missed opportunities, with a smart online presence you never have to miss out on an opportunity again. 
  • check
    Feeling completely at ease because your web designer and online strategist completely understands where you are coming from. We are now officially friends. 


  • check
    Missing out on opportunities because you don't have a proper website or professional online presence. I mean how many times can you say "it's coming soon".
  • Spending the next 4-6 months figuring out email service providers, page builders, countdown timers, Teachable, payment processors, and about 30 other things. You now have no life.
  • Realizing building a website is waaay more techy than you thought and dreading your menacing to-do list.
  • check
    Absolutely dreading the moment when someone asks how your business is going. Holidays are now battle scenes and turkey is being flung wildly.
  • Feeling the deep shame of settling for a mediocre drag and drop website that doesn't do what you need and makes you look like an total amateur. We see you judging Karen. 

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Well of course you are!

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